Manjaro OpenRC 17.0 Xfce Development ISOs [RC]

While waiting for Manjaro 17.0 to be released, have created RC ISOs for Manjaro OpenRC 17.0 Xfce edition. Highlights: Kernel updated to 4.9.x series (next LTS). Reverted to using ALSA by default (decided by voting, see here for reference). Old CLI installer patched to work with manjaro-tools 0.13.8 (changes available here). Download: P.S. May … Continue reading Manjaro OpenRC 17.0 Xfce Development ISOs [RC]

systemd free for two years!

It has been more than two years since I switched from using systemd on manjaro! Since that time I have been using OpenRC on manjaro, along with Slackware on my main system (systemd free out of the box). Has been a nice ride so far 🙂 P.S. Relevant links: